Interactive Legends and Axes

September 7, 2007

I was reading this post by Kyle Quevillon on Interactive Legend and it is one of the most useful features when there are multiple series in your chart. We have added a similar functionality in Flex 3 Multiple Axis, where in if the user hovers around the axis, then the corresponding series will get highlighted. This is controlled by the highlightElements flag in the AxisRenderer class, if you have tried out this then do comment on how useful such interactions will be, especially in cases, where there are multiple axes and series on your chart.


4 Responses to “Interactive Legends and Axes”

  1. superabe Says:

    This sounds exaclty like what I need, but when i try this out in the Flex 3 beta, no luck.

    Should the code below be enough to enable this ?

  2. sunban Says:

    If you are having lineseries, make sure you are having an itemRenderer specified for the series for the highlight to work.

  3. superabe Says:

    Awesome! That works, thanks!

    Pity the line does not get highlighted too.
    That would be really useful (in a case when there are lots of data points and we want to suppress the datapoints and not have an itemrenderer)

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Where is sample???

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