Known as Sunil Bannur

IT Professional: Senior Computer Scientist @ Adobe Bangalore

Interests: Philosophy, Analysing self contradictions.

Profile Views: Site Meter, since 29th May 2007.


One Response to “About”

  1. tonihb Says:

    Hi sunban,

    You seem very knowledgeable about Flex, particularly in charting, so I have a question in regards to Flex charting whensooever time permits. While using a linearaxis, how can I control the number of tick marks that are displayed regardless of how many plots are on the chart? In other words, I have a line series that has about 300 plots, so the linearaxis is showing all 300 tick marks. I only want 7 ticks visible at all times regardless of how many actual plots is on the chart. How can I manage the tick marks with a linearaxis? Thanks so much for you time.


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